“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”. Ephesians 2:10 NIV

Why work with God?

It’s been said that most people try to do God’s work for him, whilst others want him to bless their efforts. But very few actually work with him. My faith journey has led me to the latter. Many years ago I dreamt of living on the edge and then God gave me an invitation. I accepted it and became a ‘kingdom pioneer’. There are some tough times but it’s definitely worth it to be a friend of God.

How can I work with God?

There are 2 main ways:
  1. A genuine desire to walk in loving harmony with God 
  2. A sense of calling to ‘work ministry’, in contrast to ‘church ministry’ 

What is the role of ‘WWG' ministry with partners?

It is a faith+faith working relationship with 4 main functions:
  1. Identification of genuine ‘kingdom pioneers’ 
  2. Equipping and strengthening them in this identity 
  3. Releasing them into their high calling 
  4. Supporting their business manual development 

When does a partner become successful?

This is a special call to pioneer something through the job you are skilled to do or may do in the future. Its significance is such that you cannot ever hope to get the job done alone. No, this is a work whose true success can only be measured by aligning closely with God. As a person who is called, and with a teachable heart, you will grow your relationship with God, becoming a ‘kingdom pioneer’, learning to work with him as your senior partner. This will bring heaven to earth, transforming your workplace setting.

Why the term ‘kingdom pioneer’?

This term is given to one who dwells in Christ’s kingdom of heaven. In their intimate relationship with God they are led by the Spirit into the unknown, an adventure where they find what God has hidden for them to do.

What is the business manual?

‘WWG' does not provide a training manual for its partners, aside from the introductory workbook This is because you'll be writing one of your own. You see, 'WWG'  is not primarily a teaching ministry but an enabling one. As you partner with God there will be revelation and testimony coming forth. It is a very personal journey, unique to the individual. As such there will be plenty to write down in a spiritual journal. This is the business manual, which unfolds as time goes on, depicting ‘His-story’ in your life.
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