“We are just one aspect of a growing number of professional leaders who have seriously purposed to work with God.”

Partner Endorsements

"‘Work with God is a unique workplace ministry with the purpose of supporting you in a vital lifestyle activity. Many Christians see their work as a "means to an end" or as a stand-alone area of their lives. Work with God helps you to have joined-up thinking in the workplace and teaches practical skills to hear and see God bring solutions and success in your work. There are many books and ministries to help Christian business people, but few aimed at helping ordinary people live extra-ordinary lives at work. I thoroughly recommend this ministry and the people behind it." 
Tim Eldridge, Director of Presenceministriesinternational.org

"Working with God is probably something many Christians believe they do automatically. We did. That turned out not to be the case when 'Work with God' ministry gently identified that my wife and I were in fact Christians in business, as opposed to what we do these days as Kingdom Builders. What does this mean? Our business life prior to beginning our journey with 'Work with God' consisted largely of doing our best not to compromise our beliefs as we conformed to the worldly business practices and sought God’s forgiveness and blessing in the same never ending prayer. Now we try to make everything we do focus on pulling heaven down to earth for God’s eternal purposes. Sounds simple, but we are so blessed with the input of personal experience born of a groundbreaking journey with Christ, and we can’t recommend 'Work with God' highly enough. Actually we can’t imagine why any believer in business wouldn't at least investigate this ministry."
CEO, cell-phone-radiation.com

A Primary School Teacher has prophesied this about Work with God: "You are vessels that carry my Spirit into the workplace."

"'Work with God' has acted as facilitators for our practice and our ministry for many years and brought an additional perspective because it is very difficult to see what God is doing sometimes in your workplace when you’re in the thick of it. So it has been very valuable to have an additional divine perspective on both what’s going on and the direction of travel, and also what God may be saying to the business-ministry and how it should be developing. There has been great added value in having God’s perspective because Jesus said that He would only do the things that He saw the Father doing. 'Work with God' also brings to us the wisdom and knowledge of God, prophetic insight into what He is doing, which has helped to keep us on track to our destiny."
Doctor in General Practice

"In business you need as much help as possible. 'Work with God' has been a guiding light to Revelation Motorsport for several years, and have become very close friends. As a Christian business we feel very blessed to have such a ministry as partners. They have helped to shape our understanding of how to work with God in business and to come to realise that our aim is to build relationships with people whilst keeping our feet firmly on the ground and remaining relevant. In the world of motorsport, it is easy to get carried away with all the adrenaline, buzz and affluence. Through prayer and applying biblical principles, 'Work with God' helps remind us that all we have comes from GOD."
One of the key players in Team Revelation Motorsport was overwhelmed by the sight of six Revelation cars in front of the pit garages at a recent track event. He explained it this way: "For me it was an amazing sight and proof of God’s goodness and grace to us. During the weekend we were visited by a Christian couple who I had not met before but as we began to talk about ‘Revelation MS’ the presence of God hit me. Just to be in that environment and be able to meet with God was a wonderful experience and as always the tears of joy flowed. Awesome God."

 A Graphic Designer’s encouraging word to this ministry: "When I see and experience 'Work with God' I get very excited in my spirit because here is something that is not often talked about - working with God in the workplace (and in everything we do). It is great how you listen, involve God, apply faith and pray - what a great combination! You have a desire to impact people with the power of God and you are desperate for God to use you in sending people out in faith as they go to their place of work. One specific example of how you have helped us is when we have not been sure what path to take in our business where a lot of decisions needed to be made. Your response was, 'Do not flap like chickens but soar like an eagle with Him'. This phrase has stuck with us since; quite often we can be flapping about and as we recognise this, we remember that phrase and pray that God will give us His peace and enable us to soar with Him - to put Him first. It's a phrase we will never forget!"

"'Work with God' are people who check out stuff to ensure that I am not going off at a tangent. If I was, then I would be advised of this; it’s accountability. I am helped to stay focused on the task and the vision in hand - that I don’t deviate. I have really been helped to map this out. ‘Feeding the vision’ times have been really valuable; I might have a good idea but if it’s not in the right direction then I probably don’t want to be going there. Our time together has helped me to get to the destiny that God has for me in my work and my life. When I am in work every day it is difficult to sort out me and God; good thoughts, bad thoughts etc. but I respect the fact that 'Work with God' is not in that. A God-perspective is gained by being away from the immediate situation. Also, once we have talked about things, I know that the prayer support is there."
Doctor in General Practice 

 “The value of ‘Work with God’ lies in the fact that it views the workplace as a primary arena for seeing God’s kingdom come. The result of input with concentrated prayer support was amazing because I encountered a release of God’s presence and power which allowed me to focus again on his agenda for my workplace.”
Senior Lecturer in Higher Education


Summary Comments from Partners 

"A unique workplace ministry" 

"Helping ordinary people live extra-ordinary lives" 

"An additional divine perspective" 

"The wisdom and knowledge of God"

"Prophetic insight" 
"Keeping us on track to our destiny" 

"A guiding light" 

"How to work with God in business" 

"Impacting people with the power of God" 

"Sending people out in faith" 

"Soaring like an eagle" 

"Staying focused on the task and vision in hand"

"A God-perspective gained" 

"Strengthening the work of Kingdom Builders" 

"Pulling heaven down to earth for God’s eternal purposes"     
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