Andy Black

About us...

Hi, I'm Andy Black.
I believed in God from my youth, but never met him. Then when I was 25 and without any hope in my job he came and spoke to me, re-directing my career path into something I loved to do.
A year later, in 1982, I met him again in a radical encounter with my wife Adrienne. Since then God has always been the 'senior partner' in my working life.
We also helped to pioneer a church in North Yorkshire, England, which remains our spiritual home over 20 years later. Family life is thriving with 3 daughters and several grandchildren.

'Work with God' ministry began in 2000 after the Lord invited me to ‘take the message of Christ to the business and working community’. We were released from church leadership in 2005, encouraged and commissioned to pursue this call.

The essential ingredient to progress has been an ever-increasing intimacy with Father God on his terms. I endeavour to co-work with God, using my prophetic and pastoral gifts to fulfil this apostolic commission.

Values ...

We are theologically based on the person, teaching and work of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

Our core values are as follows:
  • Christ-centred 
  • Spirit-filled 
  • A culture of honour 
  • Generous and sacrificial 
  • People-empowering 
  • Outward-looking 
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