Work With God
We work with God to build Christ's Kingdom in the sphere of work and business. - Andy Black



Imagine a person who feels a profound sense of destiny.

With a fiery passion in their heart, they yearn to live up to their heavenly calling.

Yet this ministry is not in church. It is in their place of work. A calling to build something of great significance through the job they are skilled to do.

In fact, it is so great that this person cannot ever hope to get the job done by their own efforts. No, this is a work only God can do. Partnering with Him is the only way of achieving success.

And there are people who are aspiring to this lifestyle right now. Usually from an unsure start, these ‘kings’ are now flourishing in their relationship with God as they learn to work with Him as their senior partner.

Spheres of influence are beginning to be built on what were once shaky foundations.

The essential ingredient to progress has been an ever-increasing intimacy with Father God on His terms.

For over a decade

‘Work with God’ has been offering

a highly professional and individual service

to the Christian business leader and their organisation

Would you like to work towards a genuine partnership?

Then read on and find out more…



We are not in it for the money, though we may become rich.
We are not in it for the prestige, though fame and influence may follow

We are just one part of a growing number of professional leaders who have seriously purposed to work with God.

As such we are passionate about being shaped and developed by His designs for us, both personally and corporately.

 ' The value of this God at Work ministry lies in the fact that it sees the workplace as a primary arena for seeing God’s kingdom come. The result of input with concentrated prayer support was amazing because I encountered a release of God’s presence and power which allowed me to focus again on His agenda for my workplace.’

Testimony of a long-term Partner.


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Andy Black is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, working throughout the UK and Europe with the business community